The ultimate shoe guide

It is very important for us that our customers learn from our long experience in the field of shoe making. That is why we provide a simple guide of the making process, so that you can have an idea of how the shoe ,that you get to wear, comes to life.

The parts of shoes

The process that we use in order to create our unique designs is called goodyear. In this process the upper part of the dress shoe is shaped over the last and fastened on by sewing a leather, linen or synthetic strip to the inner and upper sole. As well as using a welt, a thread is used to hold the material firmly together.

The construction methods

There are various construction methods in the shoe making process. By construction, we mean the method through which the sole is attached to the upper of the shoe. You are about to see a small guide with the differences between some of the most common methods.


Blake welting is the simplest and most common amongst welting methods. It is a byproduct of the industrial revolution because the stitching is done on the inside of the shoe,making it impossible to do by hand.


Willy is a version of the blake welting. You can see how the stitching is done in the image on the right.

Mock goodyear

Goodyear welting is the oldest, most labor intensive, and most durable of all the methods of construction. It can be done by machine or by hand and involves multiple steps. In the mock goodyear process both stitches between the upper part of the dress shoe are done by hand.


In the goodyear process, one of the two stitches is done by hand, while the other is done using a sewing machine.

The design of the shoe

There are various different designs. Below you can view some of these designs. We are using the goodyear/mock goodyear process for all of our designs.The designs available on our online store are the classic derby and oxford models.