You can either buy on of our collection shoes or create your own customized shoes adding you personal drawings or even the tattoo that you want us to put on your shoe.

In order to buy one of our collection shoes:

  1. choose the section SHOES and then the product
  2. view the shoes you are interested in and click on the photographs to view details, sizes, colours and price
  3. select the item and add it to your basket and then choose to continue shopping or to process order
  4. choose whether you want it delivered through standard or express delivery
  5. select a payment method
  6. confirm the order
  7. wait for an email confirming your order
  8. our product should be delivered to you within 2 weeks
  9. for additional questions you can contact us via mail or telephone

 In order to buy your own customized shoes:

  1. choose the section CUSTOMIZE
  2. follow the 6 easy steps shown on your screen
  3. first choose your design
  4. then choose your construction method
  5. choose the colours you prefer
  6. upload your drawing or tattoo
  7. select your measurement
  8. add any additional information
  9. we will process the information provided and will contact you within 24 hours via mail or telephone to provide you the price and the delivery method of your shoe